Monday, June 13, 2011


 Today at the salon we had a class on how to create a more modern wearable look that is all over the runway, "The Triangle Fro"! This look is having no body at the roots at all, but tons of texture and curl mid-shaft to ends. Our rep Danya from Unite who is so amazing came out and went over some of the Unite products and taught us some really cool new styling techniques.

Using these 5 products.
First we washed with any of the Unite shampoo and conditioners.
 Sprayed in 7 seconds and put Blow & Set lotion mid-shaft to ends.
Flat wrapped the hair till dry, using the round brush only on the ends. Remember the whole point of this look is to be really flat at the top and a lot of body and texture mid-shaft to ends.
Taking different sections wrapping all the hair (over and under) around a 1/2"-5/8" or so curl stick, and an inch or two away from the roots too really achieve that "triangle" look.
Spray the hair on the "Light" setting after each section.

After the curls set for a minute, give it a good spray on the "Medium-Hard" setting. Flip the head over and brake up those curls with some Expanda Dust in your hands.
Come back up and apply more Expanda if needed.
Tease the hair in sections from the bottom up.
Then you can get creative with the fringe area. A braid, pinned or even just leaving it out is all up to you.
Finish with a little more hairspray and Shina Mist to control any frizz... and Bam!! You have yourself a new fabulous way to wear your hair.

Some of our beautiful models.

SO fun!! I love this look!

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